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You can listen to and purchase music I've written as Assembled Minds, Veil and The Twilight Sequence here. Thanks for your support.

Media Music

Valentino: The Last Emperor

Film Company: Acolyte Films
Studio: StudioCanal
Director: Matt Tyrnauer
Additional Music Composers: Matthew J Saunders & John Hanson, mixed by John Mark Lapham
Duration: Feature Length (01:36:00)
Film extract with composed music below…

Bobbie and Clive

Film Company: Triptych Film Company
Director: Joshua Jones
Producer/Screenwriter: Ellie Pack
Composer: Matthew J Saunders
Duration: Short (00:09:23)
Film extract with composed music below…


Director/Music Editor: Ben Wood
Music and other sounds: Matthew J Saunders
Duration: Short (00:06:55)
Full film below…it's a well weird arthouse type film.

Touched 3: Music For MacMillan Cancer Support

Record Label: Touched Music
Media: Promo Video for 'Touched 3' album
Music and visuals by Matthew J Saunders
Full promo below (0:51)…

Artist Albums

Assembled Minds

'Creaking Haze & Other Rave Ghosts'
Patterned Air Recordings

Assembled Minds

'Tomorrow Curves'
Patterned Air Recordings


'Kel's Vintage Thought EP'


'The Man Who Ate The Man'


'Come On The 'Phone EP'


'I Guess Sometimes I Need To Be Reminded Of How Much You Love Me'


'Wires and Traps'
First Fold Records

Discography: Albums, EPs & Singles

Assembled Minds
Dirty Workshop Magick — compilation LP of single releases
Synthesizer Music 2021

Creaking Haze & Other Rave Ghosts — LP
Patterned Air Recordings 2016

Tomorrow Curves — LP
First Fold Records 2011

Antilight — EP
Synthesizer Music 2021

Overlight — EP
Synthesizer Music 2021

Remixes by Assembled Minds
Mr Projectile — I Know
Touched Music 2015

Running On Air — The Rapture Machine Mix
Obscure Perspective Recordings 2017

Occurrence — The Things I’ve Always Liked, I Now Hate
Occurrence 2016

Revbjelde — Buccaboo (Assembled Minds Mix)
Buried Treasure Records 2018

Miscellaneous AM Releases
Rave Fyre — single
Touched Music 2016

When I Wasn't Present — single
Cities & Memory 2015

Boundary Effekt Various — comp (23 Minutes - 23 Tracks - 23 Artists)
Eastville Vending 2016

Miscellaneous AM Releases
3am M5 Field Raid — comp (The Restless Field)
A Year in the Country 2017

Telethoughtation — comp (Megaclunk Classics)
Eastville Vending 2019

The Eerie Machine Hums a Barley Song to the Sun — comp (Isolation & Rejection Vol.5)
Front and Follow 2020

Magnétophone — 4AD Releases
I Guess Sometimes I Need To Be Reminded Of How Much You Love Me — LP
4AD 2000

The Man Who Ate The Man — LP
4AD 2005

Come On The 'Phone — 12” EP
4AD 2000

Kel’s Vintage Thought — 12” EP
4AD 2004

…And May Your Last Words Be A Chance To Make Things Better — 7”
4AD 2005

4AD 2005

Benny’s Trip — 12” EP
4AD 2005

7” Singles — mixed labels
You Should Write Music / Monitor Rocket Science — 7”
Earworm Records 1998

Lubeecha — 7” Lathe
Earworm Records 1998

Air Methods / Fulm — 7”
Static Caravan Recordings 1998

Lights In The Eye — 7”
Active Suspension 1999

Relax Its the End of Electronica — 7”
Static Caravan 2002

EPs — mixed labels
Temporary Lid EP — 12"
Static Caravan Recordings 1999

Compilations Box-Flow — 7”
Ifrasonic Waves Volume II
Ochre Records 1999

Promo Phone 1 - LP
Ensnare 2006

Wires and Traps — CD
First Fold Records 2008


The Science Must Contine — 12"
As 'Tape Recorder'
Earworm 12" Compilation 1999

Eve Transmission — CD comp "Interface"
Spaceage Recordings Compilation 2000

Little Boy's Acorn — CD comp '4WD'
4AD 2000

I Hear Blonde Falcons — CD comp "10p 1 Play"
Robots and Electronic Brains Magazine 2002

22 Calibre Family — CD comp
Mind Expansion 2006

Systems Thinking Business Modelling Consultant — CD comp
Esopus Magazine 2008

Much Less Than a Day — Binary Oppositions CD comp
Static Caravan Recordings 2007

Much Less Than a Day Edit — Visionaire No. 53: Sound
Visionaire Publishing 2007

The Old Silver In and Out
György Ligeti Tribute
Topher 2008

Remixes of Magnétophone
Kel's Vintage Thought — Outhud Remix
4AD 2004

MNPLIE4AD — Lost in Edit by JM Lapham (The Earlies)
4AD 2005

Benny's Trip — Sonic Boom Remix
4AD 2006

Remixes by Magnétophone
Antiphon — Charles Atlas
Audraglint 2004

Run From Safety — Octoberman
White Whale 2007

DJ Mixes of Magnétophone
Kel’s Vintage Thought (Outhud Mix)
Glimmer Twins DJ-Kicks
Studio !K7 2005

Radio Sessions

BBC Radio 1 John Peel Session, Maida Vale Studio (2000)
BBC Radio 1 John Peel Session, Live in Birmingham (2000)
XFM John Kennedy Session, Live in London (2001)
BBC Radio 3 Mixing It Session, Live in London (2001)
BBC Radio 1 Rob da Bank Session, Maida Vale Studio (2005)
BBC Radio 1 Blue Room Session, The Earlies' Studio / Echo Gate Studio (2005)


Matthew J Saunders
A mix of musical influences for The WIRE magazine.
An hour long mix of creaky techno for Self-Titled magazine.


"The Assembled Minds is the work of Matt Saunders, formerly one half of Magnétophone (4AD). It’s a brilliant distillation of lost nights out and the ghosts of dead raves. Like the sounds in your head the day after, when you’re vainly attempting to sleep, but the rhythm won’t stop. Brilliant misremembered rave flashbacks."
Jim Jupp, Ghost Box Records

"Differently great. Rippling reverb-misted pianos and a sleepwalk trance of drum machines and pumping bass – the vibe is much more Ultramarine’s “British Summertime” than ardkore. And there’s this sound that’s in most of the tracks: a high-pitched “peaky” timbre that is… ecstatically edging into dissonance, is the best I can do by way of describing it. It reminded me of what Trevor Horn once told me: his belief that great albums have the same sound running all the way through – his example was The Blue Nile’s Hats – so that every track is a chip off the same lustrous block, refracting slightly different."
Simon Reynolds, Retromania

"There’s nothing like a complete outsider to turn the conventions of a genre inside out, and Matthew J Saunders of 4AD’s motorik shoegaze pop explorers Magnétophone has done just that with his incursions into dubstep as Veil. Marshalling analogue synths and reverbs, Saunders brings whimsical Radiophonic melodies (on ‘Eat The World’) and an ever so slightly ramshackle, played-live sensibility, as if (Hot Chip were jamming with Jaki Liebezeit (on ‘Park Mist’) into play. Thankfully, though, there’s none of the indie tweeness that could come with these approaches. Instead, Saunders has taken on board dubstep’s sound system sense of physical scale, and in so doing made his components strange, threatening and fantastical — and, by forgetting DJ-friendly orthodoxy and adding musicianly touches, opening up rich new avenues of exploration of chord patterns and long form melodic routes through dubstep’s architecture."
—Joe Muggs, The WIRE

"Complex Experimentation. Another outsider exploring new avenues away from the standard dancefloor wobbler, Matthew J Saunders is normally part of electronic indie experimenters Magnétophone — but on his solo debut winds round the dubstep template with buzzing synth melody lines and complex structures. ‘Park Mist’, with militant drums and haunting vocal snatches, is particularly powerful, and adventurous DJs should check this."